Shower Units

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Shower Units

Cutaway photo showing inside of a portable shower cubicle

Wash away your festival worries

If you've ever been to a festival you'll know how difficult it is to stay clean, and the heavenly experience a nice hot shower can be. Steaming hot water washing away the dirt and grime of a festival can make the weekend experience so much more enjoyable and memorable. They're easy to install, easy to clean, and more importantly your patrons will love them.
We can supply you with a selection of portable, fully self contained 4-bay shower units, ideal for a festival site. We can also provide these for a whole host of other events and facilities.
So if you need temporary shower units for your school, camp site or building and construction site, call us today to discuss your needs.
Four bay portable shower unit


  • 4 Shower Cubicles
  • Hand wash basin in each
  • Mains powered
  • Self contained
  • Requires 16a electrical supply
  • Requires water supply
  • Requires Gas bottles
  • Each cubicle has seating area
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